EECB Cures Ikea Phone Loop, Induces Mass Customer Service

All reader Scott wanted to do was get his daughter a ‘Big Girl Bed’. After a nearly 6-hour trek to a nearly empty Ikea, Scott had to grab the name of the bed and attempt to pick it up himself at the ‘furniture pick-up’. However, when he arrived home, he was not happy to learn that it didn’t come with all the pieces he needed to build it. Stuck in a robot-phone loop, Scott turned to the tried-and-true EECB. See Scott’s letter, as well as Ikea’s response, inside.

Scott’s letter to Ikea


This weekend I drove 5.5 hours from Green Bay, WI to your Schaumburg, IL store to buy my 3 year old daughter her first big girl bed. We picked out the Tromsnes day bed and bought a princess canopy and a comforter and bedding and a stuffed tiger. Oh and a box of double chocolate crisps and two sodas. Aren’t I the PERFECT Ikea customer?

I brought the name of the bed to your info center, they ordered our bed and I was told to pick it up at furniture pick-up.

I picked it up, packed it up and drove back home. Tonight, I broke open the box to put my daughter’s new bed together only to discover I don’t have all the parts necessary to assemble it. Well, I should say, I have all the parts that were suppose to be in the box, but I need ANOTHER box of parts (Part number 85698810) in order for my daughter to have a sleepable bed.

Why wouldn’t your floor person tell me that? Why wouldn’t the guy at the info center tell me that? Why wouldn’t the girl at the pick up desk tell me that?

Tonight, I spent 45 minutes in a phone loop where I called the Schaumburg store and kept pressing the same series of 1, 3, 3, 2, 2 only to come back around to press 1, again.

So here I sit frustrated and I’m wondering if you have something I can tell my daughter as to why she can’t sleep in her big girl bed…

Do I really have to drive another 11 hours to get the bed I thought I bought on Sunday?

Your prompt response would be very much appreciated.

And Ikea’s response? Good, Great, not so good, and then Awesome:

The next day I got an email from CustRel saying they’d take care of me (Cool!). Then I got an email from the Schaumburg Ikea asking for more details so they could help (Yay!). Then I got an email from Ikea U.S. CustRel saying I was crap out of luck. That the pieces I was missing are an extra purchase and not available via phone orders. I would, in fact, have to drive back down to Chicago to buy the part (Booo!). THEN I got another email and phone call from the Schaumburg customer relations guy who took my receipt information and mailing address and he assured me that they’d be shipping out the parts via UPS (cautious Woot!). Today: The parts came!!

Another successful EECB, and a just response from Ikea. Glad we could help, Scott.

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