Hold me, I'm scared.

Gmail Briefly Goes Down, Everyone Proceeds To Freak Out On Social Media As Per Usual

It seems that noon is the magical time chosen by the Gmail elves to abruptly shut things down and throw everyone who uses it into a social media tizzy. We at Consumerist were right there with other Gmail users back during the Great Gmail Shutdown Of April 2012 when the site also crashed around noon ET, and today was like a giant flashback. Everyone make it back in once piece? [More]

EECB Cures Ikea Phone Loop, Induces Mass Customer Service

EECB Cures Ikea Phone Loop, Induces Mass Customer Service

All reader Scott wanted to do was get his daughter a ‘Big Girl Bed’. After a nearly 6-hour trek to a nearly empty Ikea, Scott had to grab the name of the bed and attempt to pick it up himself at the ‘furniture pick-up’. However, when he arrived home, he was not happy to learn that it didn’t come with all the pieces he needed to build it. Stuck in a robot-phone loop, Scott turned to the tried-and-true EECB. See Scott’s letter, as well as Ikea’s response, inside.

Morning Deals Round Up

• Newegg has the Sennheiser PC 150 Headset, perfect for gaming or Skyping, for $30 after $10 off coupon code NYNG011006. Ships free, as well.