So Long, Jerks!

[This post is in reference to the Consumerist layoffs announced two weeks ago.] Carey already said all the classy stuff last Sunday, so I’ll be brief. I had fun, this was an eye-opening experience (I actually learned how to better manage my finances), and blogging every day for a responsive audience is a little like smoking crack, except it makes you fat instead of bone-skinny, and it’s not quite as sexy. The best part of this job was watching a story produce results. In aggregate, we’re not really “the little guy,” and I’m thankful I was able to participate in a website that makes this possible.

I wish I could hug each and every one of you, and in some cases hug you around the neck with my hands, but since I can’t I just want to shout out to some particular commenters. Starred or not, you’ll always have a little star icon from me.

To Eyebrows McGee: On average, you probably had the most consistently useful and well-thought-out comments I read. I was always flattered when I saw a comment from you on one of my posts, and disappointed when I didn’t. I think you’re awesome and even though I like dudes I have a little bit of a blog-crush on you for your good deeds. Your husband is very lucky.

To Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: One of the funniest things I read all year was your idea to breed fainting-goat children in order to protect regular kids from playground predators. I wish I’d thought of that.

To Ein2015: Thanks for helping with the VPN post, and even moreso thanks for taking the time on your own to follow up on reader questions in the comments to that post. You didn’t have to do that and it was pretty awesome.

To SkokieGuy: I think I misrepresented myself. I only wish I knew how to dress a moose, although I’m probably too much of an animal lover to go through with it and would just set the moose free, half dressed. I don’t think I understand what “dressing a moose” means.

To HomerJay: A couple of times, you managed to bring out the really cranky, argumentative side in me. It was like you were channeling me, which is surreal. But it was kind of fun nonetheless.

To Buran: Where did you go? You made me aware of the fact that transcripts are highly appreciated for video clip posts.

To Crabby Cakes, snoop-blog, Bladefist, Antediluvian, humphrmi, pylon83, Rectilinear Propagation, Michael Belisle, Trai_Dep, DrGirlfriend, and everyone else who I’m forgetting who left a great comment, contacted me personally with a tip, made a useful correction, or in rare cases handed out a compliment. It was sincerely a pleasure to connect with you. Yay for a sense of community!

* * *

I’ll be leaving my Twitter account, ConsumerChris, active in order to continue micro-blogging interesting material that I think is Consumerist-worthy, so feel free to keep me on your buddy list. If I end up in a consumer advocacy position elsewhere, I’ll certainly announce it via Twitter.

Now I am going to go toast my year-long career as a Consumerist editor over a nice dinner with friends, enjoy my weekend, and start looking for new outlets for my indignation. I do not think it will be that hard.

You may leave your compliments and job tips below.

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