Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance Apologizes For Sucking

Earlier this month we shared Jason’s tale of incompetent Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance—how the operator “helping” him acted like she’d been huffing paint on her break, and eventually just abandoned him with a “Sorry, I can’t help,” left on his voicemail. Verizon saw Jason’s story and contacted him about it. Below is the follow up he sent us yesterday.

You may remember a few weeks back you posted my blog about being stuck on I-25 in Wyoming and the dismal failure that was Verizon Roadside Assistance. I thought I’d drop you a line and give you an update.

I just got off the phone with a Latrina Jackson, she called to apologize for the troubles I had that day. Apparently someone high up at Verizon Wireless reads The Consumerist. Based on that blog, they have reviewed the call tapes and according to Ms. Jackson, “That call did not go the way it was supposed to.” She claims the operator I spoke to that day is no longer taking calls and is being put through their training program again.

In an attempt to make me feel better about the whole ordeal, they took my mailing address and are issuing a check to cover the cost of the fuel delivery. This was way more than I was expecting. I don’t know if you guys post updates on these stories, but perhaps your readers would like to know that while I still consider the words, “Can I connect you to Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance?” a death threat, but at least they can admit when they made a mistake.

Congrats, Jason! We’re glad that Verizon Wireless stepped in to make things right, and that they’re retraining the CSR who failed to grasp the meaning of “roadside assistance.”

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