People Think Coupon Users Are Cheapskates, Unless You're Hot

If you use coupons in a store, your fellow shoppers are probably negatively judging you as being cheap, according to a new study. The stigma extends to those around the coupon redeemer as well. However, if you’re hot, you get a reprieve. The study had people watch consumers cash coupons, and then interviewed the participants afterward for their reaction. The stigma is lessened if you don’t know the person using the coupon, the coupon is of high value, if they’re in a different line, and if the coupon-user is a hottie. Researchers proposed that the reason for the coupon-hating is “the modern consumer tends to prize status and luxury over thrift.”

Stigma by Association in Coupon Redemption: Looking Cheap because of Others [Journal of Consumer Research] (Photo: Getty)

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