Comcast Filled My House With Raw Sewage

Tressy Campbell of Woodstock, Georgia has a kitchen. In this kitchen is a lot of raw sewage. It’s been this way since June. As you might imagine, Ms. Campbell is somewhat annoyed about this, and would like the Comcast contractor who drilled a hole in her pipe and ran a cable through it to pay for the repairs.

WSBTV says that the contractor, Madison Communications, has offered her $12,000 to fix the kitchen, which she would gladly accept — were it not for the fact that the estimates she’s gotten say that it will take her at least $15,000-$16,000 to clean up the mess.

We hope she’s able to get this resolved, but there is one ray of hope — the limit for small claims court in Georgia is $15,000. Go get ’em, Tressy!

Homeowner Says Cable Mistake Filled Kitchen With Raw Sewage [WSBTV] (Thanks, Tim!)

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