Maximize Your Netflix Membership With FeedFlix

We first discovered the very useful FeedFlix back in May, and since then the site’s been updated to present more data on how well you utilize your Netflix membership. By pasting in any of your private Netflix RSS feeds, you’ll see a breakdown of your activity stats, like how long on average you keep titles and your average cost-per-rental. A handy new feature is the “email alerts” function, where you’ll receive a weekly reminder if you’ve kept a title past a certain number of days. We’ve included a screenshot below.

We’d love to see Netflix roll out a reminder service, but since that would directly impact their bottom line, we have a feeling it won’t be showing up on the official site any time soon.

Here’s what the typical data screen looks like, if you’re curious:

Holy crap, I kept Michael Clayton for 58 days, and I only watched it once! Maybe I should just cancel Netflix and read more books.

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