Find Out Where Your Money Goes When You Buy Gas

Want to know where your fifties go when you fill up your car with gas? GOOD’s latest chart breaks down the assorted costs, and compares them with other places around the globe. You can grab a free printed copy at any Starbucks, or go here to check it out in bright RGB goodness.

Note: if you can’t view the GOOD site, click here for the full graphic.

“Gas Prices” is issue #4 in the free “GOOD Sheets” series from GOOD and Starbucks. Each issue focuses on one topic, and unfolds from a square about the size of a CD case into a large graphic that explores the topic in stats, pics, and captions.

This week’s topic is the price of gas, while last week’s was immigration. Tomorrow a new one hits the stores on “The State of America’s Schools.”

“Getting Gas” [GOOD]

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