Merry September! Christmas Is In Full Swing At Rite Aid!

Halloween is about a month away, but it’s too late to start thinking about that now. You’ve got Christmas crap to buy!

Reader Aaron says:

Today I was in Rite Aid in Bellport, NY with my wife getting her prescription filled. When we walked down an aisle, I was greeted by a nice, long display of Christmas decorations and items to purchase! I groaned and told my wife how it is just obscene and obnoxious to have this stuff out when it’s September and I’m still wearing shorts. I mean, Halloween is still a month away!

Anyhow, I share in your anger of how a single day out of 365 is exploited beyond belief.

Aaron, you’re just lazy. By today’s standards, you should have been buying your Halloween decorations two months ago. Get with the program!

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