85% Of Gas Stations In Nashville, TN Are Without Gas Right Now

You know you’ve got a national infrastructure to be proud of when one of the country’s largest cities is pretty much out of gas. From the Tennessean:

East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee both primarily receive fuel supplies through spurs of the Colonial pipeline, which carries refined gasoline from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Northeast. [Hurricane] Ike damaged and knocked out power to many of those refineries, cutting the amount of gasoline fed into the pipeline.

The shortage should be remedied by next week, the paper reports:

The state is scheduled to receive 1.42 million barrels of gasoline over the next week, roughly matching its typical demand of 1.44 million barrels, Heidt said.

“Gas prices remain higher in Middle Tennessee” [The Tennessean] (Thanks to Jessica!)
(Photo: Pat Hawks)