Verizon's OneBill Service Is A Nightmare

Reader Laurynn wants to warn Verizon customers to stay away from “OneBill,” because according to several of the 7 different CSRs she talked to today, it’s “not ready yet.”

Laurynn says:

For anyone considering signing up for Verizon OneBill, DON’T DO IT!

I was told by several representatives that “it’s not ready yet,” and that Verizon “put the cart before the horse” (actual statements made by their customer service employees this morning).

How does it work? Well, Verizon gladly offers the option as a means for consolidating your services into one bill… the service is outsourced to a separate company, which pays your invoices for you for each separate Verizon service (wireless, FiOs, internet, etc.), and then collects the money from you on a single bill. Which means that they CANCEL all of your other Verizon service auto-payments or even the ability to pay online.

The issue? I can’t register my account, I can’t log in, and now I can’t pay my bills. I would cancel this, but it would void my bundle discount.

I was told today that a help ticket has been issued, and added to the “IR” (not sure what that means, but I’m assuming it’s a long list of other individuals who were sold this service prematurely). There’s no estimated completion date.

What it basically means is, I can either pay $3.95 a transaction and pay my bills by phone, or bite the bullet and send them via snail mail (who buys stamps anymore?!).

Come on, Verizon. Get with the times.

My main complaint is the number of times I was transferred around… I spoke to 7 different agents this morning, each trigger-happy with the transfer button, just waiting for me to let a hot word slip… God forbid I said the word “wireless” (OH! I can’t do anything wireless, I’ll transfer you!) or “payments” (you’re going to need to speak to someone in payments). By the third time I got wise to the situation and had to say, “I just spoke to them,” and “I’m not sure you understand my problem, please repeat it back to me.” Those seemed to help.

As far as we know, “IR” means “injured reserve.” Your bill is apparently out for the season, and they don’t want it taking up roster spots that could be used by other bills. Tell it to say “hi” to Tom Brady for us.

(Photo: Risiblegirl )

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