DirecTV Won't Even Show Up For Whoopi Goldberg

UPDATE: Here’s the video.

We thought one of the perks of being famous was getting good/free service, but DirecTV and Time Warner don’t care who you are—you must be punished. That’s why this morning on “The View” (or “I Don’t Hang OUt With My Mom And Her Friends For Just This Reason”), Whoopi Goldberg complained that she can’t get anyone from DirecTV to come repair her broken service. Sherri Shephard chimed in and said she can’t get Time Warner to show up to install her TV, cable, or phone.

We’re locating the video now, but in the meantime here’s a recap from a member of the forums:

Whoopi said she’s been waiting 3 weeks for them to come out, and they kept telling her that they went out there to some red building and she had to tell them each time she doesn’t even live in a red building. So who knows if anyone will ever get to her home since all the repair people seem to think she lives in a red building…

Then Sherri said she’s been waiting 2 weeks to get her Phone, Internet, and TV connected by Time Warner, that they didn’t show up the day they scheduled her for; and then when she called they told her it had been rescheduled but they didn’t know by who. So Sherri has no home phone, internet, or TV…

“As I type this: Whoopi is going off on Directv” [] (Thanks to Don!)

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