DirecTV Won't Even Show Up For Whoopi Goldberg

UPDATE: Here’s the video.

We thought one of the perks of being famous was getting good/free service, but DirecTV and Time Warner don’t care who you are—you must be punished. That’s why this morning on “The View” (or “I Don’t Hang OUt With My Mom And Her Friends For Just This Reason”), Whoopi Goldberg complained that she can’t get anyone from DirecTV to come repair her broken service. Sherri Shephard chimed in and said she can’t get Time Warner to show up to install her TV, cable, or phone.

We’re locating the video now, but in the meantime here’s a recap from a member of the forums:

Whoopi said she’s been waiting 3 weeks for them to come out, and they kept telling her that they went out there to some red building and she had to tell them each time she doesn’t even live in a red building. So who knows if anyone will ever get to her home since all the repair people seem to think she lives in a red building…

Then Sherri said she’s been waiting 2 weeks to get her Phone, Internet, and TV connected by Time Warner, that they didn’t show up the day they scheduled her for; and then when she called they told her it had been rescheduled but they didn’t know by who. So Sherri has no home phone, internet, or TV…

“As I type this: Whoopi is going off on Directv” [] (Thanks to Don!)


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  1. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    So the utility companies really DO treat us like stars!

  2. darundal says:

    Well, probably better that Sherri Shephard not watch TV. I can only imagine the damage it could do to her…

  3. whitefang2000 says:

    whoopi goldberg is a dumb bitch anyways. If she was one of my clients i’d give her the shaft too.

  4. homerjay says:

    Now this begs the questions– Why are you watching “The View,” Walters??

  5. Could there be a reason why Nobody wants to visit the “stars” and “famous people” ?

    Way too many of these “Special People” want to be treated “Special” because they are “Special” and will do every thing they can to make sure the working stiff know his/her place.

    Doesn’t forgive the poor service, just explaining that Whoopie and Sherri might have earned their poor service.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @Corporate-Shill: There’s no indication that Whoopi Goldberg wanted special service. She waited three weeks for DirecTV to find the right building. And there’s nothing to indicate that either woman treated DirecTV or Time Warner in a way that is different from how any of us might have treated DirecTV or Time Warner if they hadn’t shown up for three weeks or their scheduled installation times.

    • Amiga says:

      @Corporate-Shill: Sorry Charlie! Whoopie made a point in stating that she doesn’t use her Whoopi Goldberg name at all for her DirecTV account. She also knew the potential repercussions on calling out an advertiser, but she was over it after many rounds with overseas call centers.

      Now Sherri on the other hand told the last Time Warner CSR that she spoke to that she worked for Barbara Walters and she got nothing with the name dropping. Sherri is learning that bundled services can burn you.

      You had to see it to appreciate it. I am trying to see if my mom’s TiVo recorded it so I can YouTube it.

  6. s25843 says:

    anyone have a feeling that DirecTV and Time Warner techs magically showed up this afternoon?

  7. magic8ball says:

    Stars: they really are just like us. No cable, no phone, appointments mysteriously canceled …

  8. Someone at DirecTV getting fired in 3… 2… 1…

    Seriously. That’s a textbook PR nightmare. Celebrity disses your product on super popular TV show.

    Her comment probably will cost them millions in lost sales.


  9. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    I remember a few years ago Letterman complaining about his IBM computer for several days.
    Big Blue finally sent someone out to his house to fix it.

  10. nogas2speed says:

    How sweet it would be if they installed her DirecTV right away…but programmed it to only receive FOX NEWS.

  11. johnnya2 says:

    Not sure about Time Warner, but I know DirectV uses third parties to do service calls. Every time I have ever called I get told a date and a 2 hour window. If she called DirectV back they also are very free with giving out free months or channels. I havent paid for DVR or HD service in 18 months due to the failure of a Circuit City rep to do his job.

  12. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Whoopi & Sherri have “homes” in Los Angeles & New York. Any chance they called the NYC offices and gave an LA address… or vice versa?

  13. sirfelix says:

    nogas2speed, thats funny, but not far from reality.

    I live in a liberal state and Charter Cable only offers Fox News with their bottom tier Basic Cable service. Does that mean big business is trying to convert the liberal poor into Republicans? Sounds like it to me.

  14. admiralguy says:

    They need to take a tip from Verizon. FIRST you do the install, THEN you call the people in the red building (also known as the fire department).

  15. howtragic says:

    Sherri only had to wait 2 weeks?!?!

    I am soooo jealous. When I tried to get Time Warner to hook my cable here in LA it took nearly 7 weeks. That’s right, 7 freaking weeks. I actually had to point out to them that it would be to THEIR benefit to get my cable hooked up ASAP, because then I’d like be paying my bill for that time. Get it Time Warner?

  16. Amy Alkon000 says:

    I have a friend, now a late friend, who was a movie star. He got the same crappy service as everybody else, from AOL and from the cable company, etc. They just sometimes got a little freaked out and/or surprised when he gave his name on the phone.

  17. winstonthorne says:

    Good to know that I’m not the only person out there who gets shat on by Time Warner, and that said shittery is not a function of my (relatively paltry) income.

  18. econobiker says:

    Do you think that there were DirecTV and Time Warner people scrambling after this went across the air? I envision something like Defcon with red lights and sirens going off at their headquarters as people called in to tell them they just got mentioned on the View… (probably no red lights or sirens though).

  19. The Porkchop Express says:

    “no shirts, no shoes, no service”???

    For real though, they hate that she said this and it’s sad that she had too. We should all get the service we are paying for rich or poor.

  20. amuro98 says:

    Sounds like DishNetwork has an awesome opportunity to pick up a celebrity spokesperson on the cheap.

    I’m surprised they haven’t contacted her already.

  21. ELC says:

    Wow, sad commentary on the intelligence of many in America:
    “[The View]…super popular TV show.”

  22. TexasScout says:

    After what she said to McCain, I don’t blame them!