Whole Foods Seeks To Define Its Prices As Bargains

As the economy sours, premium stores like Whole Foods are struggling to keep customers, reports the New York Times. To remain competitive, the pricey natural grocery store is offering guided tours to customers who want to cut costs but can’t stand to set foot in Winn Dixie.

Perhaps surprisingly, some of the items at Whole Foods are competitively priced. The Times compared the prices of items at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and ShopRite (a typical grocery store in the Northeast). They found that the basic items at Whole Foods—like organic milk, organic carrots, cage free eggs, and natural peanut butter—were lower or comparatively priced. As for the budget tours, Whole Foods advises customers to buy items on sale, and stock up on $1.50 tofu.

Whole Foods Looks for a Fresh Image in Lean Times [NYT]
(Photo: Adam Lawrence)

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