Backlash:'s "Sexy" Mass Murderers?

There’s some backlash brewing against for a fashion article about recreating “Bonnie Parker’s look” in which they describe Bonnie & Clyde as, “rather infamous characters in U.S. history, and for good reason: honestly, what’s sexier than a nefarious duo driving cross country on a crime spree of such massive and public proportion?” The author of the article is being taken to task in the comments and the Etsy Bitch blog has picked up the story as well.

Etsy Bitch says:

Yeah, yeah, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty made it a Hollywood hit, but in reality, Bonnie Parker was nothing more than a common criminal who supported her insane boyfriend’s murdering spree. She’s not worthy of having a trend of fashion for her, and even further perpetuating the falsehood that Hollywood began is just plain ignorant.

Besides, Faye’s look wasn’t even remotely Bonnie’s look. Just look at the pictures of the real Bonnie Parker. It would be more apropos to call the article “Get the vintage Faye Dunaway look” instead of glamorizing a criminal.

…and here are some reactions from’s commenters:

What is romantic about dying at aged 25 in a hail of bullets? Seriously Storque, you should rethink this article.

Bonnie and Clyde were murderers…I’m rethinking what it is Etsy stands for by promoting such things. Maybe saying “get Faye Dunaway’s vintage look” would be more appropriate.

nice. hey storque, why not do sexy school shooters next?

Awesome! Next, how about some lighthearted suggestions on achieving Osama bin Laden’s casual terrorist look? Or the funny-little-mustache and swastika sporting style of Adolph Hitler? Or maybe Ted Bundy’s murderous chic and the trenchcoated glamour of the Columbine killers? That would be really cool too!

Ouch. The tipster who sent this story in says: “I thought this was so mind-boggling and in questionable taste that I am beginning to wonder of The Onion bought out etsy.”

What do you think? Offensive? Or harmless?

Etsy Finds Vintage: Getting Bonnie Parker’s Look [Etsy] (Thanks, Adam and Jace!)
Hooray for romanticizing criminals! [Etsy Bitch]
(Photo: FBI)

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