Personal Finance Roundup

The Promotion That Got Away: 5 Ways to Bounce Back [Yahoo HotJobs] “Nearly everyone has been passed over for a job they ‘deserved.’ If and when that happens there are five important steps to take.”

Buying a Refurbished Computer [Smart Money] “Here’s how to make sure the refurbished computer you buy doesn’t turn out to be a lemon.”

Your Essential Emergency Kit [Kiplinger] “These nine steps will protect your family and finances against disaster, whether natural or personal.”

Savings yardstick [MarketWatch] “How to tell if your 401(k) is living up to the best standards.”

Ivy Leaguers’ Big Edge: Starting Pay [Wall Street Journal] “Where people go to college can make a big difference in starting pay, and that difference is largely sustained into midcareer”

(Photo: balmes)

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