Door-To-Door Verizon Salesman Can't Keep His Pants Shut While On The Job

We’re not big fans of door-to-door marketing, and today we bring you another example of why we feel this way. According to the News-Journal, an employee of a marketing firm contracted by Verizon has been arrested and charged with two counts of “lewdness, resisting arrest and criminal trespassing,” after a man in a Verizon t-shirt was spotted “masturbating while watching a woman work in her garden.”

From the News-Journal:

On Monday, residents in the North Graylyn Crest neighborhood told police they saw a man hiding behind a vehicle who appeared to be masturbating while watching a woman work in her garden, said New Castle County police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro.

The man was described as wearing a Verizon T-shirt.

Police searched the area but couldn’t find the man.

Police spoke to the woman the man had been watching, and she said she didn’t know the man was watching her, but that a man had been to her house earlier and had attempted to sell her Verizon services.

Police spoke to Verizon officials, who said the company outsources solicitation campaigns to marketing companies, and that several representatives of such a company had been sent to the area.

On Tuesday, police received a report of a suspicious man who was walking along Grubb Road soliciting for Verizon, Navarro said.

When an officer confronted the man near a convenience store on Foulk Road, the man ran off through the backyard of a nearby home, Navarro said.

The door-to-door salesman is being held at a correctional institution in lieu of $20,500 bail.

Door-to-door salesman charged with lewdness [News Journal](Thanks, Jeff!)
(Photo: New Castle County police)

UPDATE: Verizon has suspended D2D sales in Delaware while they investigate this incident.

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