Morning Deals

  • Kohl’s: 80-90% Clearance Sale
  • Disney Outlet: Kid’s costumes up to 80% off, plus extra 20% off code
  • Amazon: Dr. Martens Men’s 1914 Cherry Red Size 14 Boots $38

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Tiger Direct: UTStarcom GSM708 Unlocked GSM Phone $20
  • Butterfly Photo: Canon Rebel XSi 12MP DSLR & Lens $790 Shipped
  • Expedia: Save 30% off Hotels, Cars, Cruises & Other Travel


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  1. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    The TigerDirect link is bad.

  2. Absent minded or just absent says:

    Unless I’m missing something, the only Dr. Marten boots that cost $39.90 are US Mens size 14…in cherry red. And have fun lacing up those 14 eyelets (no relation to size…I don’t think…maybe)

  3. jchabotte says:




  4. TheLemon says:

    @Absent minded or just absent: You’re right. US size 14 Mens only.

    Kohl’s has some good stuff on clearance still.

  5. Angryrider says:


    Just look for those puny cups.

  6. Bagels says:

    @Jaysyn: I have a phone question (not necessarily for you only)…my carrier is AT&T and I have a shared plan w/ my wife. My phone already broke once and I replaced it with a “pay-as-you go” phone and just swapped the SIM cards. Everything worked fine. Now that cheapo phone (I don’t care about having music, video, cameras, etc. on my phone) is just about done…the speaker/mic/whatever is busted, I can hear people calling but they can’t hear me. I THOUGHT I read something about how swapping SIM cards won’t work anymore, and in fact the person who originally sold me the replacement was an friend who was working at Radio Shack at the time so I’m not sure if he did something “special” to get it to go through. If I buy a replacement directly from AT&T (not interested in extending the length of the contract) the cost will be through the roof and not worth it

  7. CyGuy says:

    and Free Chik-Fil-A food day (must dress like a cow for Chik-Fil-A food; participation may vary)

  8. kidnextdoor says:

    Why no more woot? :(

  9. @Bagels: You absolutely will be able to swap your SIM into another GSM phone, including the one here at TigerDirect. Additionally, there is nothing shady or unreliable about swapping SIMs, that’s why they exist.

    The only area where you run into trouble doing this is with locked phones. The definition of a locked (GSM) phone is simply: A phone who will only function using a SIM from one particular carrier.

    If you buy an unlocked phone like the one linked here, you won’t have to deal with any of that crap.

    Also, a sidenote: A locked phone can be typically unlocked for free while you’re still with the carrier you bought it from. I recommend everyone with a GSM phone (ATT and T-mobile networks) unlock their phones at their earliest opportunity–it doesn’t hurt anything and can only help you in the future. Once you cancel your service, it’s too late to ask. Here’s how to do this. Call your customer service. Tell them you’re going to travel to Europe, and you need to have your phone unlocked so you can use it with your SIM from the carrier there. They will generally either give you the code or ask for your email and email you the code in 24 hours. The code comes with instructions on exactly how to enter it. Many phones won’t ask you to put in the lock code until after you put in another carrier’s SIM. So just save the code and instructions until you need it!

    Side-sidenote: iPhones and Sidekicks are the exception to the “it can be easily unlocked” rule. AT&T and T-Mobile will not under any circumstances unlock your iPhone or Sidekick, ever ever. The “old” iPhones though are easy to unlock at home with free software though. We’ll see about the “3G” ones soon!