Curves Leaves Working Computer Full Of Personal Information In An Office Dumpster

UPDATE: Adam has been in contact with the owners and has posted an update on his site.

Reader Adam writes in to let us know his relative found a working Dell computer in the dumpster at his office complex. It appeared to be in functional condition, so he took it home. Sure enough, it took only a bit of tweaking before it was back to working order—as a Curves Fitness employee and customer information smorgasbord.

Adam dug around a little bit on the computer and found employee phone numbers, customer addresses, and credit card info. The Curves in question is located on 134th Street in Vancouver, WA. Adam called to let them know what happened, here was their response:

Before I posted this I tried twice to talk to the manager of the offending Curves… both times I called they were “busy” or “out”. No one offered to take a message so I never left one.

I’m not sure if it’s that they are not used to men calling (Curves is a women’s club) or if their customer service is just as crappy as their data destruction policy. In any case, as I said in the post, I contacted the corporate office. After I made this post I did call again and got voice mail; so I left a message inviting the manager to [read this post].

Adam also contacted Curves corporate before contacting the local franchise. They told him that, although each franchise is responsible for its own IT and privacy policies, they agreed that this franchise’s actions were inappropriate and they’d get in touch with the franchise.

Dear Curves, Respect Your Client and Employee

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