Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Publix, Yoplait Yogurt

Where did those two ounces of yogurt go? The dreaded grocery shrink ray has blasted them to oblivion, my friends. Not even store brands are safe.

Josh says:

Publix did a great job not making it obvious — they pulled all of each flavor off the shelf before replacing it. But I found that one Mango one in the back and was able to make this comparison.

Speaking of not making it too obvious— these two containers look the same. Why does one have 6 ounces and the other have 4?

if you look at the bottom, that’s where they get you. In the old days, the bottoms were flat. Now, not so much.

If you spot evidence of the ray’s malevolent beam in your grocery store — take a photo and send it to us at — or upload it to Flickr and submit it to our Flickr pool.

(Photos: Listener42


Listener42 )

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