Quaker Oats: Watch Out For A Fake Check Scam Asking For Your Personal Information

The Quaker Oats company contacted us to ask that we help get the word out that a mailing offering thousands of dollars in exchange for sensitive personal information did not come from their company and is a scam.

Here’s their official statement:

We recently learned of a mail fraud scam that is falsely using the Quaker Oats Company’s name and offering consumers thousands of dollars in exchange for personal information. This is currently being mailed to some consumers’ homes and we want the public to be alerted that Quaker Oats did not initiate, nor does it endorse this activity. The check is not ours and has no value. We do not use these types of incentives for the purpose of collecting personal information from our consumers, and we would never ask our customers to divulge any private information. Please do not respond to the letters or attempt to cash these fraudulent checks. If you receive a mailing of this nature, we ask that you forward it to us at Consumer Affairs, PO Box 049003, Chicago, IL 60604-9003.

Thanks for giving us the chance to clarify the situation, and we encourage you to share this information with anyone who you think may have received this mailing so that they are not victimized by this fraud. We apologize for any inconvenience or concern.

Always be wary of shady offers that claim to come from reputable companies. If you get a dubious mailing like this, be sure to report it to your state’s attorney general.

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