Updated: Reach Lowe's Executive Customer Service

Here is a phone number and email address for reaching Lowe’s executive customer service:

336-658-3599 (takes you directly to a live a executive customer service rep)
1-866-900-4650 (general executive customer service pool)
email: execustservice@lowes.com

Here’s a guide to how you should act once you reach them.

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  1. heavylee-again says:

    Overall, I’ve had good experiences at Lowe’s. When I was remodeling my house, Wifey and I spent a lot of time and money in Lowe’s. We special ordered our flooring, and when there were problems, the department manager stepped up to the plate, took ownership of the situation and did the best he could for us. We didn’t purchase delivery, but he even put the flooring in his personal truck and delivered them to our house himself.

    Although, if something ever were to go wrong, this is good information.

  2. dmolavi says:

    /me was the one that sent this in after a coupon debacle at Lowes. They refused to accept a manufacturer’s coupon for an item. When I complained to the regional manager, he must have sent it up the chain and I got a call from Lowes, with the above number as the number to call. They corrected the problem quickly (less than 24 hours). Props to Lowes for fast action, and admitting they were at fault.

  3. persch5 says:

    I work for Lowes in NH and can tell you that the number will bring you to a corporate call center that then annotates what store you are colling about and what the issue is. The annotation is then sent to the store management team to resolve. They must resolve it within 24 hrs(I believe) and transcribe what action was taken. The person lodging the complaint must get a phone call from the accused store. It is the best form of action if you can’t get anywhere in store on first resolution attempt.

  4. NewPerfection says:

    I work at Lowe’s as well, here in South Dakota. I can tell you that managers strongly emphasize customer satisfaction above all else. We’re even told to give discounts if necessary to make customers happy. We take returns that are against our return policy, etc. I personally think it goes a bit far, as some customers take advantage of it, but overall it works pretty well. We get very few complaints, and most of the ones that we do get are product complaints for damages and whatever that happened before packaging (not Lowe’s fault), but we still help them out.

    The one thing that pisses me off though is how short staffed we are. We never have enough people working in the store, which makes it hard to take care of all the customers in a reasonable amount of time when it gets busy. That’s where the rest of the complaints come from.

  5. MitchV says:

    I shop at my local Lowe’s exclusively for my home repair/maintenance/upgrade needs. I get great service there and even wrote them a “thank you” note recently.

    Home Depot is the devil.

  6. freepistol says:

    i worked for lowes, as did my husband, each at different times and different stores. i can definantly say, lowes gets their jollies aggrivating their employees to the fullest extent possible. they understaff on purpose, and make it rather impossible to be friendly to irate/confused/helpless customers, but somehow customers seem to have issues with the store. most likely because the managers are soooooooo sweet and happy to fix any problems the customer has at the expence of lower employees ( especially cashiers and sales associates )

  7. Kounji says:

    @freepistol: Seconded. I never bought into the sales not meeting the hour budget ratio either. There must be some kind of issues with profit margins. I wish corporate would understand and that way make it so everything doesn’t hinge on managers

  8. the lesser of two weevils says:

    Thank you Consumerist! I’d meant to ask here how to contact them after having a nightmare experience with carpet installation (which didnt end up happening).

    One nasty letter is now on its way. :)

  9. virgilstar says:

    I’ll second the positive comments here. We’ve had nothing but good experiences at Lowes (as compared to HD, where the staff are trained to be indifferent). When our 3 year old Sears fridge failed last year and they refused to fix it under warranty (apparently the $150, 5 year warranty doesn’t cover “the electronic parts”), we went to Lowes and got a new one, with 5 year “everything” warranty only costing $80. We’ve had 2 large items delivered from them (the fridge, and a washing machine) – both have arrived on-time as promised, and the rebates have always arrived in the mail, on-time and as promised. I’ve also bought tools there, and received excellent advice from their staff on the best model for the specific job, often resulting in buying a less-expensive item than I originally intended. Their returns department has always been good too – they took back items that are incomplete (e.g. a lighting fixture with a missing bulb), or broken (e.g. a toilet that we realized was chipped when we got it home).

    Sure, everyone has their off days, but overall I think Lowes is pretty good compared to “the orange devil”.

  10. Starfury says:

    We’re remodeling and Lowe’s had the tile we liked best for the floor. We have 2 stores about the same distance; one we knew didn’t have enough so we called the other one.

    1. The person checked the computer and verified the amount on the shelving.

    2. When we arrive, the person that got the call remembered that I’d called. He quickly got a forklift and the pallet load of tile we needed.

    3. He was very knowledgeable about what I’d need (grout/more mortar) to do the job.

    4. He had our stuff taken to the front and left so we could finish shopping.

    5. We needed to rent their truck: they said that it isn’t let out late (was almost 8pm) but since I lived fairly close they’d let me have it. Technically they could’ve said “NO” and I’d be stuck.

    I’m VERY happy with the way the shopping trip went and will go there before Home Depot.

  11. Sarge1985 says:

    Let me join the Lowe’s Love Fest. I actually drive past a HD to get to my Lowes because of the service and support that I receive. Our store is well maintained and clean. Shopping there is a pleasure and I hate to shop.

  12. scerwup says:

    Lowe’s is fine, I don’t understand what the problem is with HD though. In my town HD and Lowe’s are right across the street from each other. That makes it pretty easy to comparison shop, I have never found a product at a Lowe’s that wasnt cheaper when I crossed the street and looked at HD. I’m not talking cents cheaper, I’m talking dollars cheaper. While Lowe’s is always cleaner and brighter, HD is ALWAYS cheaper. I don’t know anything about the customer service at HD though, since things like lumber and bags of concrete never need returning. Just my 2 cents, I prefer to buy things at the cheaper place. Maybe that makes me evil or something, but, oh well.