9 Ways To Save At The Movies

Summer means movies, but don’t get stuck paying $12 per ticket or $7 for a bag of popcorn. Instead, check out these nine ways to slash your movie budget without missing any summer blockbusters.

  • 1. Why pay anything? Many theaters offer free family film screenings on weekday mornings.
  • 2. Keep an eye out for movie ticket coupons at grocery stores.

    Safeway’s “Flicks for Free” promotion offers two free movie passes to shoppers who buy $40 worth of products from participating brands such as Coca-Cola and General Mills in one transaction.

    Perfect for that rowdy Soda & Cereal party you’ve been planning!

  • 3. Seek out a drive-in. If you can find one, you’ll be rewarded with $6 tickets.
  • 4. Ditch the theater chains. Independents may take an extra few weeks to get the summer blockbusters, but the tickets can be 70% cheaper.
  • 5. Sign up for reward programs. Unlike frequent flier miles, theaters aren’t depreciating their rewards programs.

    AMC MovieWatcher Rewards offers coupons for a free small popcorn each week, plus two points per ticket purchased. After you’ve earned 30, you’ll get a free ticket. The Regal Crown Club awards one point per $1 spent. Rack up 120 points and redeem them for a free ticket.

  • 6. Buy in bulk with your friends. AMC sells blocks of 50 tickets at $6 apiece. The tickets don’t expire, but they can’t be redeemed until two weeks after a film debuts.
  • 7. Don’t go on Friday or Saturday night. Instantly halve the cost of tickets by checking out a matinee.
  • 8. Skip online reservation sites. Save the $1.50 and spend a few minutes waiting on line.
  • 9. Be careful with the concessions. Theaters make their profits on popcorn, so if you need to buy, buy big and share with your friends. Even better, buy your snacks at a convenience store for a fraction of the price.
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