Complain About Tropicana's Shrinking Containers, Earn A Free Carton Of Juice

Joel loves his orange juice and is none too pleased with Tropicana’s recent decision to shrink their containers by 7 oz. He fired off a complaint through Tropicana’s website, and was pleasantly surprised when the company responded with a coupon for a free carton of shrunken sweetness.

He writes:

Anyway, I didn’t think anything would come of it, but something did.

Specifically, I received a letter from Tropicana. It had two things in it, which you can see below:

A coupon for $6.50 off any one Tropicana product, and a recipe card. (The back side of the recipe card says “We thank you for your input.”)

So… thanks? Tropicana…

I wonder if I can write them back and say something nice and get another one?

Well Joel, there’s only one way to find out…

File a complaint, receive a coupon and a recipe… [untitled]
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