New Tropicana! Now With Less Orange Juice!

Reader Linda is unimpressed with Tropicana’s new “easy pour pitcher” because it means she’ll be getting 7 oz less orange juice for the same price. So, she called them up and gave them a piece of her mind.

Today, while shopping at my local Shop Rite, I grabbed a 96-ounce container of Tropicana Orange Juice. Actually, I noticed it felt a tad lighter, and looked closely at it. It has a label that says “New!! Snap-Cap!” What it didn’t say was “New! We cut 7 ounces out of here and aren’t mentioning it!!!

So, when I got home, I placed a call to Tropicana. I got the usual blah, blah, blah, from a young man who didn’t sound like he really gave a damn that I was annoyed. He talked about new packaging, and that’s why they had to cut 7 ounces from the amount, because the packaging wouldn’t work as well if it was the 96 ounce size. Huh?? I asked him what the hell that meant, and then he said that they would have to raise the price. I pointed out to him that by cutting the amount of juice in that container by almost 9%, that’s what they did, and that amounts to a hefty price increase. He didn’t really have any answers, just said that he would pass my comments on to marketing. I told him he could start my comment by writing “Rip-off!”, and then follow with the rest of my comments. I also told them i would be posting to consumer sites.

I really hate when companies shrink their packaging and try to slip it by as, hoping we won’t notice. I certainly notice, and I hope plenty of others do, too.

Thanks for letting me vent.

No problem, Linda. That’s why we’re here.