Email Addresses For Best Buy Execs

Here’s a nifty list of contact info for Best Buy execs, rooted up by one of our determined readers in his quest to get his Rewards account working properly. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility—try the normal routes before you launch an EECB, or you’ll ruin it for the rest of us.

With my recent problems with Best Buy I have found these addresses scattered around and I think people here could really use them.
Brad Anderson CEO/Vice Chairman/Director –
Shari Ballard, Executive Vice President, Retail Channel
Kim Motz at 612.291.5332 Shari Ballard’s assistant???
Bruce Chatterley, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve Delp, Chief Operating Officer, Magnolia Audio Video
Brian Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer
Julie Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Retail Training
Jena Lund, Julie Gilbert assistant at 612-291-4030
David Hemler, Senior Vice President, Best Buy for Business
Paula Prahl, Vice President, Public Affairs
Lisa Smith- Best Buy Vice President Customer Care
612-291-5421 Office
Sean Skelley, Senior Vice President, Business Group Leader,
PR number at (612) 292-NEWS
Susan Busch, 612-291-6114 Director, Corporate PR
Dawn Bryant, 612-291-6119 Manager, Corporate PR
Mark Paragi
Senior Executive Resolution Specialist
Best Buy Corporate Campus
(612) 292-0077 Direct
(952) 430-7033 Fax
Investor Contacts: Jennifer Driscoll, 612-291-6110 Vice President, Investor Relations
Charles Marentette, 612-291-6184 Senior Director, Investor Relations
Carla Haugen, 612-291-6146 Director, Investor Relations

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