Disney's Five Free Blu-Ray Disc Promotion Is Broken

A lot of you have written in about problems with the Five Free Blu-Ray Discs promotion that was available here. The deal was supposed to be, buy a certain Blu-Ray disc player, mail in the coupon and proof of purchase postmarked by February 29, receive five free Blu-Ray movies. Many of you haven’t received your movies. What happened?

One reader reports that he submitted his rebate paperwork during the holidays and still hasn’t heard anything. Another says he postmarked his February 29, and received it a few days later with a note that the P.O. Box had been closed. Another recently wrote in to say he still hasn’t heard anything from the summer promotion (the postmark deadline for that was October 31).
Here’s what we know. The number for the rebate’s support line (which most readers say hasn’t been very helpful) is 800-598-9671. A WHOIS search for the rebate site shows that Disney is the owner of the site, and one reader spoke to a CSR who suggested mailing a copy of everything to Buena Vista Home Entertainment, PO Box 72699, Rockford, MN 55572. Maybe it’s time to EECB of call the CEO of Disney.
UPDATEReader Isaac writes in to let us know that although “Buena Vista Home Entertainment is a stain” and sent him The Corpse Bride because they ran out of The Italian Job, he complained to Costco, where he bought his Blu-Ray Disc Player (in this case, a PS3), and Costco sent him a copy of the movie he wanted, despite having really nothing to do with the rebate. Kudos to Costco, boo to Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

(Photo: highdef)

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