The Lion King Sent All This Stuff To A Hospitalized Reader

Drew was diagnosed with cancer last month. His chemotherapy kept him from using the Lion King tickets he had given to his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, so he told her to go with one of her friends. After the show, she stopped by the management office to ask if they had anything she could bring to Drew in the hospital. Though they had nothing on hand, they promised to send him “something special.” A few days later, DHL showed up with up with all this free stuff and a nice personalized note.

Drew write:

Hey guys!

I really enjoy your site and always love to see articles about companies going the extra mile. I thought y’all would enjoy this.

Background: I’m 24 and in law school. I was cruising through life when about a month ago I was diagnosed with cancer (pre-b cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma). This has definitely put a kink in things but the outlook looks good!

For Valentine’s Day this year, I bought tickets for Laura Beth (the girlfriend) and I to go to The Lion King when it came to Atlanta in April. On the day of the show, April 5th, I had been on chemo for three days and there was no way I was going to make the show. I tell her to take one of her girlfriends and they love the show, of course (it is pretty spectacular). On the way out Laura Beth stops by the show’s management office to see if they have anything special that they could give her to bring me in the hospital. She tells her story about how her boyfriend bought the tickets for Valentines Day but now has cancer and is in the hospital and missed the show to these three girls who were described as “young and just married.” They said they didn’t have anything on hand but promised Laura Beth they would do something special.

Fast forward to this morning when DHL pulls up with a package. Inside is a Lion King coffee mug, sippy cup, t-shirt and note from someone at the production company. Pretty cool, huh?

Aw, that sure is sweet. Great work, Lion King!

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