This Rodent Skull Does Not Belong In Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola

Sabrina bit into a rodent skull and cut her gums while eating a bowl of cereal. The 100% natural, premium gourmet nutty cranberry maple granola she was trying to enjoy was purchased at a Hannaford in Maine and manufactured by Bakery on Main. Aside from selling the rodent skull, both Hannaford and Bakery on Main are handling the situation well.

Here’s how Sabrina tells the story:

So there I was….eating a bowl of Cranberry Granola cereal a couple nights ago when I chomp down on a hard mass. The cereal is rather chunky and nutty, like most granola is, so i figured it was just a shell of a nut that snuck in there….WRONG!!

I proceeded to pull it out of my mouth only to find something that resembled a bone of sorts. I turned it over and discovered it had TEETH! A lot of them. Too small big to be mouse teeth. I am thinking rat, chipmunk or squirrel!

I started dry heaving immediately! I can’t believe this was happening. I think I am still in shock! Thank goodness I didn’t crack my back molar. I did cut a portion of my gum line…but nothing major. My jaw hurt for the rest of the night….and my stomach turned for the rest of the night and into the next day.

I cannot believe I was biting down on the head/jaw bone and teeth of a nasty rodent!
What do you do in a situation like this! I was not hurt…so I am not sure I even have a case. This is just so awful though! I am nauseous just thinking about it!

The company is “Bakery on Main” natural gourment. The cereal was nutty cranberry maple granola. This is an organic company out of connecticut.

She later sent us this update:

Yesterday I brought the the bone and packaging to Hannaford ( the grocery store where i bought it). I was very polite and explained to them what happened. I didnt want to give the bone to anyone just yet…but they said as part of their “process” they needed the package and bone to seal up and send to headquarters. I was uneasy about it at first…but realized that everything was going to be properly documented. She doubled my money back.

When i got home…I called “Bakery on Main” and spoke to them. They were very apologetic and offered me TONS of free cereal products…BUT….I declined. I think I will be very weary about eating cereal for quite a while and the thought of eating any at this point makes me nauseous. He then offered me a hannaford gift card. I said that was kind of him…and whatever he felt he should do is fine. I was very polite with him…it wasn’t his fault what happened. He said the farmers he gets grains from is what was most likely the issue. The scanning systems pick up metal and such, and bone is harder to find I guess. I told him I am fine aside from a cut on my gum line. Either way this is terribly disturbing. I chewed on remains of a rodent head!!! I told him that Hannaford will be contacting him as well. I asked if he wanted to see pictures..and emailed them to him.

So that is the action I have taken. I am still in shock by what i found. It is too bad…I really liked their products!

We can’t think anything that would make up for biting into a rodent skull, but the honesty and capability displayed by Hannaford and Bakery on Main does help make the situation slightly better. Tell us Consumerists, should they be doing anything else?

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