Target Bungles Wedding Registry, Won't Exchange Duplicate Gifts Without Receipts

Target doesn’t accept returns without receipts to keep criminals at bay, but Chrissy recently discovered that their policy also extends to wedding registry gifts. Chrissy and her husband ended up with several duplicate gifts when Target failed to keep track of her registry. Chrissy didn’t want a refund or cash, just store credit, but Target refused to consider any proffer until Chrissy provided receipts. One manager even urged Chrissy to call her wedding guests to ask for their receipts, because in Target’s book, that’s not extraordinarily rude or anything.

She writes:

As a long time fan of Target, I am absolutely disappointed about their new “return” policy. I couldn’t wait for the day to get married, and with regards to this letter, couldn’t wait to open a Target wedding registry of my own! Only to find out Target has become completely untrusting of their customers and treat us as if we’re thieves! We sent our wedding guests almost exclusively to our Target registry, which malfunctioned, and now we have duplicate sets of gifts that we cannot return.

When we attempted to return them, and showed how the gift registry malfunctioned, they insisted that it was our guests’ responsibility to attach a gift receipt & accepted no fault. Of course, since our guests were purchasing from a wedding registry they trusted, none of the guests attached a receipt. Not to mention it looks pretty tacky to tape on a receipt to an expensive, nicely wrapped gift. So the manager suggested we go back to our guests and ask for a receipt so that we can return their gift. We felt that would be very rude to do to our guests, and just do not feel comfortable disappointing people like that, especially after they spent so much money on a gift they thought we would love. The manager also told us “that’s the point of a registry, to get what you want” – Of course! But that doesn’t mean we need two croquet sets, two coffee makers or two wine racks! We felt we were being very reasonable, we didn’t even want cash back; we would gladly accept store credit.

To top things off, I received a wok in the mail that became damaged during shipment. It came wrapped in target paper, included target shipping paperwork, and all we wanted was to exchange it for a non-damaged wok or receive store credit. They still proceeded to tell us that we needed a gift receipt, and refused to return it for us until we talked to upper management. The whole process took over 30 minutes!

We have received over $1000 in gifts from our Target registry, and if we would have known about this absurd return policy, we would have stayed with Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s, both of which have no problem with satisfying their registry customers. I do wedding photography for a living and talk with brides on a daily basis, I’m warning everyone to stay clear of Target’s wedding registry. I hope Target realizes quick what they are doing to some of their biggest fans.

Target, it’s a sad day for you when people feel more welcome at Walmart than your store.

Ex-Customer of Vero Beach Target,

Lesson learned: don’t use Target for your wedding registry.
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