General Outage Hits GrandCentral

Google’s telephone service GrandCentral has been down all morning. The service’s first general outage affects all customers; any calls to GrandCentral numbers are immediately disconnected.

From TechCrunch:

We’ve noted problems with the service in the past, but never a general outage. The site is down. The service is down. Everything appears to be offline.

If you want to be a phone company, and get your users to rely on you to manage all of your incoming calls, this simply cannot happen.

GrandCentral is an amazing service that lets you forward calls, record chats with customer service agents, and save on incoming calls with T-Mobile. We would highly recommend that you grab a number, but the outage is affecting their website.

Google has yet to release a statement or give any indication when GrandCentral will be back up and running—though it better be soon. Google’s starting to make Verizon look good, and that’s simply intolerable.

If You Wanna Be A Phone Company, You Can’t Go Dead [TechCrunch]

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