Recover Lost Money

Frugal For Life points us to four sites that can help provide a lucrative reunion with long-lost cash with only a few minutes of work. We once found our parents several thousand dollars using New York’s unclaimed funds page. Hit the jump for other sources of surprise cash.

  • Search for lost money, jewelry, and property held by 40 states.
  • Tax Refunds: That tax refund you expected but never received? The government still has it locked in a box sealed with a pretty bow. Call and (800) 829-4477 and claim it as your own.
  • Treasury Hunt: $14 million worth of matured savings bonds gifted by grandparents lie waiting to be collected.
  • Pensions: Did you slave for years in a factory and forget to collect your pension? Probably not, but if you did and the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation hasn’t already knocked at your door, search through their database to see if you can finally retire.

4 Keys to Accessing Lost Money [Frugal For Life]
(Photo: The Consumerist)