Ousted Jetblue CEO David “Mortified” Neeleman is starting a new airline in Brazil that will feature “leather seats and live television in each seat back.” When asked why he chose Brazil, Neeleman angrily muttered something about the “favorable climate.” [AP]


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  1. But you have to fill out a 27b-6 form in triplicate to fly, especially if your name is Buttle or Tuttle.

  2. bohemian says:

    favorable climate = minimal safety standards or no unions?

  3. chrisdag says:

    Had the author of this post bothered to read the entire article that is linked he/she would have learned that Mr. Neeleman was born in Brazil and holds dual-citizenship there and in the USA.

    Gee… You think that may have anything to do with him possibly trying to replicate the successful model of jetBlue in Brazil? At least you got your snark in.

    JetBlue brought competition and brand new Embrair regional jets to my home airport (BOS). It absolutely made things better both in terms of low cost JetBlue flights and in setting expectations higher for the other Boston based incumbent carriers.

    Yeah the dude got ousted after a major service meltdown. He took the bullet on behalf of his company and is now moving on.

    Not trying to be a corporate shill here but I travel constantly on business and JetBlue has generally been one of the better companies I’ve had to deal with (planes, trains, bus routes etc.). Not saying they are perfect or even excellent but when surrounded by incompetence and BS, even normal/decent/average/gets-me-there-on-time service from JB actually stands out.

    My $.02 of course.

  4. Riddar says:

    @chrisdag: Neeleman and Jet Blue had made several appearances on the Consumerist thanks to what was a huge customer satisfaction meltdown, it makes sense to have a follow up mention. Regardless of your views on his performance as CEO prior to the weather problem, you are making a lot out of a small joke.

    For the record, I fly Jet Blue a few times a year and rarely bother with other airlines.