American Airlines Dallas Cancellation Party Not Going So Well

Reader Drew is currently stranded at Dallas Fort Worth airport and would like to speak with someone from American Airlines on the telephone. Unfortunately, we’re the only ones he can reach.

Drew says:

Bad weather = dangerous = a somewhat understandable need to cancel flights. That’s fine.

However, after my (non AA) connecting flight finally got me into DFW six hours late, it would be nice to be able to call somebody at AA and discuss my now canceled connection. No dice. If you dial their number (8004337300), you get a recorded announcement: “Due to the weather, we’re experiencing high call volumes. Please call back at another time if you want to speak to a person. Let me give you some prerecorded info.”

Awesome. The one time I need to talk to somebody, I get a robot. I keep calling back, occasionally I get the normal message. Everytime this has happened, however, I’ve gotten hung up on before I can get to a real person.

Meanwhile, I don’t see any notice about any other airlines canceling all their flights.

I’m done with American Airlines.



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