Hey Amazon: Cast Iron Frying Pans And Glass Don't Mix

Reader TJ questions the mind that packed a cast iron frying pan and a glass coffee pot in the same box, without adequate padding:

I’m sure you get a number of these, but here’s another one because I know I don’t get tired of them. A word of advice to anyone planning on making a purchase from Amazon.com that I overlooked myself; do not order anything glass with anything heavy, as they most likely WILL package them together.

Two weeks ago I placed an order with Amazon. My order included some kitchen items: a strainer, some bakers cooling racks, a French press coffeemaker and a cast iron skillet. In my own stupidity I figured Amazon had been in this business long enough to know to package a glass coffee press and a cast iron skillet either in separate boxes, or with enough protection from one another.

Well, as you can tell from the attached photos, they were placed in direct contact and of course the coffee press shattered into about 20-30 pieces. At least they used the right size box, right? Well, joking aside, since I placed a “Free-shipping” order I’m told it will take over a week for them to get me a replacement. So, just as a warning to others, the best advice I can give is carefully select how you place your orders, because Amazon won’t think twice about packing a fragile item with a weighty one.



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