Attention Counterfeiters: Don't Put Lincoln On The $100 Bill Or You Will Be Arrested, Tasered

37-year-old Mesa, Arizona resident Scott Martin didn’t understand why a shop owner wouldn’t sell him a watch in exchange for two $100 bills bearing Abraham Lincoln’s watermark. The shop owner gently explained that President Lincoln appears on the penny and the $5 bill. This was enough to start a fight that ended with the shop owner tasering Martin.

When fire rescue personnel arrived, they cut off Martin’s shirt to treat him, and three more counterfeit $100 bills fell out, the document said.

In addition, two more fake $100 bills and one counterfeit $20 bill were found under Martin’s armpit, officers said.

Martin, who later told authorities he had swallowed a bag of meth, is being held on forgery charges. The $100 bill, the largest U.S. bill in circulation, pictures diplomat and pre-taser electricity taunter Benjamin Franklin.

Police: Fake $100 Bills Had Lincoln’s Image [WDSU]
(Photo: Wikipedia)

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