Suggestion: Don't Try To Smuggle A Box Cutter Through Airport Security

The TSA says a 21 year-old man was caught smuggling a box cutter onto an airplane by hiding it inside a secret compartment inside a book. The man says he forgot the box cutter was inside the book.

From the TSA’s website:

The X-ray image of a box cutter inside Benjamin Baines Jr.’s backpack caught the attention of federal officers Sunday morning at Tampa International Airport.

But it was the packaging that really jolted them: a hollowed-out book that hid the razor-sharp tool. Also inside the backpack: a Koran, a Holy Bible and rap music lyrics referencing police, drugs and guns.

Baines, 21, of Clearwater told investigators he forgot the box cutter was inside the copy of Fear Itself when he packed his bag for a trip to Las Vegas, states a report by Tampa International Airport police.

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty Monday in Hillsborough County court and received a 30-day jail sentence. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is looking into the case but has not filed charges.

“What raises our concern is when an item is artfully concealed,” said Christopher White, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration. “It’s different than a box cutter inside a backpack.”

Relatives say that it was just a misunderstanding: “He’s not militant,” said James Layne, a 28-year-old cousin. “He’s not a crazy blow-yourself-up kind of guy. It’s all a major misunderstanding.” Baines said that he cut the compartment into the book to conceal marijuana and to keep money from being stolen by roommates. We think Baines might want to cut back just a bit on the marijuana.

TIA Finds Cutter Hidden in Book [TSA]

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