CompUSA Employees Jerking Off As They Await Store's Death

Now that they’re either liquidated or being sold to TigerDirect, it’s getting pretty chillax around CompUSA land. Here are some pictures reader Jon snapped when he went to snag some computer deals. In the left you can see a CompUSA employee whiling away his last remaining hours by playing a first-person-shooter. In the right, you can see the manager of the store talking to his friends and buying tickets for rap concerts. Jon says he stood in the computer section for twenty minutes before anyone helped him. Jon isn’t mad, really, as he got some good deals, “but what an interesting way to close out the store,” he writes on his blog. What was that, something about not with a bang, but a whimper? Full size pics inside.


CompUSA – The Final Days [So Wonderfully Idyllic]