CompUSA Employees Jerking Off As They Await Store's Death

Now that they’re either liquidated or being sold to TigerDirect, it’s getting pretty chillax around CompUSA land. Here are some pictures reader Jon snapped when he went to snag some computer deals. In the left you can see a CompUSA employee whiling away his last remaining hours by playing a first-person-shooter. In the right, you can see the manager of the store talking to his friends and buying tickets for rap concerts. Jon says he stood in the computer section for twenty minutes before anyone helped him. Jon isn’t mad, really, as he got some good deals, “but what an interesting way to close out the store,” he writes on his blog. What was that, something about not with a bang, but a whimper? Full size pics inside.


CompUSA – The Final Days [So Wonderfully Idyllic]


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  1. Toof_75_75 says:

    HAHA Old guy playing Halo…nice.

  2. smitty1123 says:

    “Jon says he stood in the computer section for twenty minutes before anyone helped him.”

    Did Jon try something wild and crazy like actually going up to someone and asking for some help?

  3. dandd says:

    That is pretty much how they operated pre-bankruptcy also.

  4. bornconsumer says:

    yeah, thats a headline that’ll be picked up and distributed worldwide– really ????? ‘jerking off’ ?????? Is the consumerist sinking further into the journalistic abyss? I can only imagine whats next..

  5. char says:

    Now, is the FPS, Halo or Halo 2?

  6. emona says:

    Untucked shirts! Untucked shirts!

  7. Coder4Life says:

    What else are they going to do? Most employees don’t even know when their last day is for the stores to close so like they would care about anything…

  8. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @bornconsumer: I’m just grateful they meant it figuratively.

  9. hinkmania says:

    “buying concerts for rap concerts.” “Jon isn’t mad, really, as he got good some good deals” ?

  10. friendlynerd says:


    If you offend that easily you should fuck off and stop reading anything associated with Gawker.

  11. notadoctor says:

    The guy in the second picture, the one on the left in the leather jacket? He’s totally reading Consumerist.

  12. JustAGuy2 says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:

    amen to that.

  13. shadow735 says:

    So? who cares. Seriously if I were an employee and knew I was getting the boot I would be doing the same thing. Besides if you need help just ask. I doubt they would say wait till I get to this lvl and Ill help you.

  14. arch05 says:

    Just cause he’s black, it’s gotta be a rap concert?! I kid! I kid!

  15. Benstein says:

    It is amazing these employees aren’t worried about impressing there bosses.

  16. m4ximusprim3 says:

    @dandd: Nah, Pre-bankruptcy they were all in the back jerking off. Now that they have carte blanche to ignore customers, they’ve moved to the public part of the store.

  17. AceKicker says:

    What are they going to do, fire them? They’re all about to be out of a job, so I can understand. I don’t condone, but I understand.

  18. floyderdc says:

    I do not see what the big deal is here. One if you need help just ask. Two they are all about to be fired so I do not think they really care about customer service.

  19. Alexander says:

    That’s horrible service! They ought to lose their jobs for something like that…

  20. Nighthawke says:

    Carlos Slim didn’t give a flying burrito if his employees were dressed in rags. All he wanted was the high dollar merchandise transported down to Mexico City to give to his best friends and to stock his swanky homes and offices. He left the junk here for us to deal with.

  21. madanthony says:

    Not surprising. I stopped by the one by me this weekend. One of the desktops had a sign that said “bad power switch” and was still marked $679. They also had some sort of high-end, $1100 gaming rig. It was coming up to a “no hard drive detected, unable to boot” message.

    If only I’d thought to take pics.

    And I didn’t find any good deals – most of the stuff was only 30% off compusa’s normally high prices, so you could get it cheaper at Newegg… and have a return policy.

  22. CPC24 says:

    LOL! I work at this store! These are two of the laziest guys there. I prefer to “jerk off” by reading Consumerist.

  23. Myron says:


    I learned a new word today. I don’t think I’ll use it.

  24. ludwigk says:

    I went to a CompUSA to get BAWLS at 30% off, along with a PC game that I’d been meaning to try. Getting an item from the glass cases took an eternity. It looked like the entire store was being staffed by 3 people. A red shirt, black shirt, and a manager. The MGR was getting pulled every which way by people demanding more than the listed mark down for whatever reason. The red shirt was some kid who was desperately trying to do his job, but couldn’t because everyone wanted to talk to the manager. The black shirt seemed to have accepted fate, and was half-slacking, half working at his own pace.

    It took half an hour to get in and out, most of it was waiting by the game cages.

  25. GrantGannon says:

    I went into the CompUSA in Alabama the other day and pretty much the same experience. I didn’t need ‘help’ and if you need help when you’re picking through what’s left of the stores you shouldn’t be in there.

    The good news is that I got 2GB of notebook memory for $54. The bad news is that I resisted buying a dirt cheap digital camera that I reallllllly wanted.

  26. synergy says:

    @Myron: Excellent use of JT and his box for that comment. :D

  27. ironchef says:


    Just you wait until he stumbles on to Fleshbot.

  28. Craig says:

    This guy got better service than I used to at our local CompUSA. Good riddance, I say.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “Jon says he stood in the computer section for twenty minutes before anyone helped him.”

    How is that any different than before they were bought out?

  30. MisterE says:
  31. bigsss says:

    Usually when a company has a liquidation or going out of business, the reins are handed over to another company to make sure there is no “special deals” made with relatives, friends, etc. Everyone is terminated and a new batch of people are brought in to sell the items as priced, no negotiating or markdowns. These people usually have no special training or product knowledge and are just there to sell the items.

  32. glater says:

    I was in a nearby compUSA and it was the same way. The employees were shouting, cursing and throwing things around, or just milling about socializing with one another. There were good deals but I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything.

  33. madog says:

    What a totally misleading headline. I was expecting something a little more exciting than some old dude playing Halo.

  34. Parting says:

    Guys, your title SUCKS!!! That’s high school journalism, unworthy of Consumerist. If I could flag it, I would.

  35. Boy Howdy says:

    @bornconsumer: A visit to the store by Carl Monday, I’m guessing.

  36. thirdeye213 says:


    overdramatic much? “Jerking off” was used in a euphemtistic, goofing off type of way. If it had said “screwing around” would you expect to see employees fornicating?

    BTW, went to closing Comp looking for cheap notenook HDD, had to assist cashier kid in using a calculator to get total with markdown. sigh…

  37. magnus150 says:

    In all seriousness, I’d be doing the same thing. They are gonna lose their jobs anyway, why work?

    Oh, and I too am glad that “jerking off” was in a figurative sense. Thought they might have been wanking at their customers, that’d be horrible!

  38. Antediluvian says:

    @alexander: I chuckled. :-)

  39. HykCraft says:

    So… where was the jacking off at???

  40. elislider says:

    im not surprised. even in full midday business hours the sales guys at my store would hound me for the password to the tech-shop’s wireless (i worked in the tech shop) so they could go on myspace on the imacs. we had one cool manager that would screw around with us too but all the other managers were uptight dicks

  41. D-Bo says:

    Anyone surprised by this needs to turn in their Consumerist card and back away from the blog slowly.

  42. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @bornconsumer: With all due respect, if you don’t like it, why are you here?

  43. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @ironchef: That’s what I was thinking!

  44. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @D-Bo: I second that motion. I’ll operate the paper shredder – er, rebate processing machine!

  45. Okaasan says:

    @notadoctor: I recently left one of the laptops at our CompUSA on a Consumerist article about the closing of the chain. The folks around me thought that was hilarious! But I did get a sweet deal on a Samsung HDTV last week.

  46. john_nyc says:

    It seems to me that this behaviour is not so different from when CompUSA wasn’t in its death spiral.

    CompUSA employees have never seemed to be that focused on business-like behavior or customer service, at least in the stores in NJ and NY that I’ve shopped in.

    They did, however, seem quite focused on bullshitting around with each other.

  47. TangDrinker says:

    Did none of you work for any start-ups during the dot com crash? This was how we all spent our time in those last weeks. Oh, and before the crash, too…

  48. Wally East says:

    @Boy Howdy: Boy Howdy FTW!

  49. clevershark says:

    @madog: “I was expecting something a little more exciting than some old dude playing Halo.”

    Well, there’s always lemonparty if you’re looking for excitement…

  50. bitplayer says:

    Look these poor guys don’t know when the stores are closing, when/if Tiger Direct is reopening or what the new owners will do. Very few people are actually buying things in this store, mostly because things are still overpriced. The one I was at was selling an apple desktop for more than a grand that had a bad motherboard. The guys are doing the best they can but honestly why run around chasing customers when they aren’t likely to buy anything anyway. The only people who visit dying stores are hardcore bargain shoppers. No bargain, they are out.

  51. bornconsumer says:


  52. SundaySunday says:

    I understand if the guy wants to be the last one off the Titanic, so he’s getting his money’s worth out of the company before they shutter the store. But instead of Halo, might I suggest pulling up MS Word and polishing off your resume? Or bringing up Illustrator or Photoshop and picking up some marketable skills? Just a thought.

  53. Quintus says:

    I’ve had the same shoddy service from Comp USA, before they were going out of business. I stood around for about 5 minutes, hopeing someone would assist me, and I see a couple guys in the back joking around, and I think, maybe they’re on break. So I go to the cashier and ask him to ring someone over to me, and he looks over there and says there’s the guys in the department over there, ask them. So I go back and ask them to help me, and they just ignore me as if I didn’t talk. So I went back to the cashier and told him to ring someone because they weren’t going to help me. So he calls the manager and the manager goes over and tells one of them to help me. So one of them finally comes over to begrudeingly answer my questions on a couple of the products (of which he didn’t know anything about it appears as I kept correcting him on the product) until finally I threw my hands up and walked out.

    That was the only time I went to Comp USA. Their service was worse than Best Buy, and Best Buy’s customer service sucks on a big popcicle stick.

  54. drjayphd says:

    @Boy Howdy: (leaves your +1 by the closeout section)

  55. Epaminondas says:

    I worked at CompUSA stores in OP Kansas and Emeryville CA, both were poorly run but the one in Emeryville (Oakland) was about the worst example of a retail store I’ve ever seen. Met some great people but the management turnover rate was crazy, 3 managers in the 6 months I was there. Thank god it was only a temp thing.

    I pretty much buy everything online now, I’d rather wait then deal with the stores bullshit.