US Bank Doesn't Read Its Own Memos Leaked On Consumerist

Just because we posted the internal US Bank memo saying that customers could turn off courtesy overdraft protection doesn’t mean that the rest of the US Bank employees got it, or read it. Here’s what happened to Jason when he tried to get it turned off:

1. 3 different telephone bankers confirmed I could turn off overdraft protection
2. Assistant branch manager denies it’s true until I pressure him to research it
3. Assistant branch manager acts like a dick, so I send a letter to his manager, and corporate
4. Letter includes a copy of the internal us bank memo your article contains
5. The branch brushes me off and offers to close my account over the phone in an effort to get rid of me as quickly as possible
6. Corporate sends me an apology, then demands I return the internal memo

Yoo hoo. He can’t return the original. He read it on the internet. We can’t return the original either. It’s all pixels!

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