US Bank Doesn't Read Its Own Memos Leaked On Consumerist

Just because we posted the internal US Bank memo saying that customers could turn off courtesy overdraft protection doesn’t mean that the rest of the US Bank employees got it, or read it. Here’s what happened to Jason when he tried to get it turned off:

1. 3 different telephone bankers confirmed I could turn off overdraft protection
2. Assistant branch manager denies it’s true until I pressure him to research it
3. Assistant branch manager acts like a dick, so I send a letter to his manager, and corporate
4. Letter includes a copy of the internal us bank memo your article contains
5. The branch brushes me off and offers to close my account over the phone in an effort to get rid of me as quickly as possible
6. Corporate sends me an apology, then demands I return the internal memo

Yoo hoo. He can’t return the original. He read it on the internet. We can’t return the original either. It’s all pixels!

Continued: US Bank Screw-You-Overdraft Protection [RF Jason]


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  1. scoobydoo says:

    What a bunch of dicks. It seems like working for a bank requires a really special kind of asshole.

  2. valarmorghulis says:

    PERFECT OPPERTUNITY!!! This looks like the time I would return it to them, with an invoice for “Memo procurement fee, ink procurement fee, communication service acquisition fee, etc.” or it could all be rolled up into a “Document De-Digitazition and Shipment Fee.” Oooo…I like that last one, “That’ll be $72.48 for the DDDS Fee.”

  3. dandd says:

    Jason, I’m sure there are plenty other banks in your area. Just go somewhere else. Try a credit union, they usually seem to have the best rates and service.

  4. shadow735 says:

    hah hah thats funny, are those the bankers that we see in all the WAMU ads?

  5. jblake1 says:

    Every time my USBank branch ATM goes down. I call them and they put $5.00 in my account. Its part of their 5star service guarantee. I love it.

  6. econobiker says:

    @valarmorghulis: what a bunch of marroons…

  7. woodenturkey says:


    thanks USBank employee

  8. TechnoDestructo says:

    Please remove all of our pee from your pool and return it to us, thanks.

  9. valarmorghulis says:

    @econobiker: D’oh!

  10. mopar_man says:


    I would keep an account open just to get that $5 and then when there’s a bit of money in there, withdraw it and deposit it into a credit union account. :P

  11. fearuncertaintydoubt says:

    He should e-mail them a file of gibberish characters with a note that says, “sorry, but I already put the original through the shredder…here are the pieces, though”

  12. snoop-blog says:

    muahaha. muahaha. perrrrfect.

  13. BugMeNot2 says:

    I just cannot stop laughing after reading about your DDS Fee!!! If I was him, I would be tempted to tell the bank either (a) I need some upfront $$ to ship it to them (marked up about 5000%), or (b) get their return fedex # to do so (I was told at some point that a company’s fedex #, if leaked, can be used, but only to ship things to that company). If I got their fedex number, I’d print out about 500 pages of (that’s one ream of paper), and tell them this is the first .001% of “the internets” and that further shipments will follow as they provide cash to cover printing expenses.

  14. wring says:

    old meme

  15. picardia says:

    Chase tried to sign me up for “overdraft protection,” but when I said I would rather link the checking account to the savings account to prevent any bouncing, they did it without complaint and for free. Ergo they are only mildly sneaky, in this regard at least.

  16. warf0x0r says:

    omg U.S Bank wants him to surrender the Internets.

    I suggest mailing them a series of cardboard tubes.

  17. bohemian says:

    Everyone who read that article should immediately send the “original” back to US Bank. Got an address? I would waste the printer ink and a stamp to make this guy feel stupid.

  18. TechnoDestructo says:


    Or a truck.

  19. bohemian says:

    @picardia: Our bank quit allowing you to link your checking to your savings as over draft protection. Your options are a $25 overdraft fee and a 50-50 chance they might pay your check or might return it NSF. The only other overdraft option they have is a visa card account that is only used at overdraft for your account. You have to have a+ credit and they won’t tell you what fees or interest are involved with this.

  20. picardia says:

    @bohemian: Ooooh, time to switch banks.

  21. Goutnout says:

    @dandd: The downside with credit unions is they have very few locations. People like large national banks because they have branches everywhere.

    Consumerist comments lately are all filled with “do this instead of that” the whole point of this site is to get companies your already doing business with to do the right thing or the things they promised to you. All who read here know they can buy local etc. Everything in this world has a alternative its just not always feasible for every consumer in every situation which is why sites like this exist in the first place.
    /end rant

  22. Tankueray says:

    That link to the “demands I return the internal memo” got blocked by my companies filter for pornography. Jason, do you have the pr0n on your site or is it just my company trying to get me to do actual work? It’s after 5, I actually did work today.

  23. Tankueray says:

    Oops. **Company’s**

  24. jamesdenver says:

    This NSFW post probably flagged it

  25. Bay State Darren says:

    Dear Mr. Fortuny,

    Based upon the information you have provided us, it is our understanding that our proprietary document has become available on what you have described as the Internet. As it is an internal communication intended to be private, we cannot allow that document to remain our company in such a manner.

    Please immediately send us all of this Internet and all existing copies.

  26. lihtox says:

    @Goutnout: The downside with credit unions is they have very few locations.

    Y’know, I was thinking about moving to a small bank, and that problem did occur to me. But then it occurred to me that I rarely go to the bank anyway; I get all my cash from the grocery store via debit card, use automatic payments on my credit card, and direct deposit my paycheck. I only go to the bank on the rare instances that someone gives me a check, to deposit large amounts of cash, or if something goes wrong.

    A credit union can make up for the “few branches” problem by not charging a fee for debit card use in grocery stores etc, not charging a foreign ATM fee, or even better, reimbursing the ATM fees charged by other banks. Another useful thing: in the Boston area there was a network of banks whose ATM machines were all fee-free for all members in the network; small banks and credit unions could team up in this way to better compete with the behemoths.

  27. edrebber says:

    Courtesy overdraft protection is a huge profit center for banks. If the customer turns off overdraft protection, then the bank will return the check and you will be asked to pay an NSF fee. Plus bouncing checks is a crime and a criminal complaint could be filed.

  28. humphrmi says:

    @edrebber: Bouncing checks isn’t a crime. Intentionally writing bad checks is. Proving intent is the job of the bank, if they were to file a complaint. That means they have to prove that you knew you were overdrawn when you wrote a bad check. That means they also have to prove that they knew when you wrote the check. Hint: the date on the check isn’t sufficient evidence.

    “Courtesy” overdraft protection is a way for banks to charge *more* than a simple overdraft fee, and most banks also combine this “service” with policies that allow them to post checks before deposits to boost revenue.

    It’s all pure BS.

  29. budster says:

    I feel really mixed about this. First, US Bank is really acted stupid on this. Second, in general bank’s NSF and overdraft fees are really a gouge.

    On the other hand, if you end up overdrawing an account, that is entirely YOUR FAULT! If you get hit with your bank’s gouge fees, you should take it like a man and live with it.

    Personally, although I think the fees are way too high, I *do* like having overdraft protection on my checking account. It has saved my ass on at least one occasion, where if the check had bounced I would have been subject to substantially higher fees from the payee due to missing a payment.

  30. scoosdad says:

    @BayStateDarren: Can we somehow send all of this Internet to one of their fax machines?

  31. attackgypsy says:


    I use a small bank myself. 5 total branches, in 2 neighboring towns (they just opened one in the other town last month). I have direct deposit, debit card, linked accounts, the works.

    Things are so much easier to get done with a small bank. I use my debit card for most daily purchases, and I usually wear it out within 8-10 months. 1 phone call, 2 minutes on hold to get to the right person, 2 security questions, and a new debit card to replace the worn out one is on the way out, and I usually have it within a week.

    Did I mention extremely expanded hours? 8 pm every night, and Saturday and Sunday hours as well. Very nice.

  32. nrwfos says:

    @lihtox: Our credit union is in a different state. been members since 1978. Anything you might want to do – you can do online. We don’t have our credit cards pay our bills. For $5 a month the credit union allows us to set up automatic payments and we can monitor them via the internet. Our credit union does cover any over drafts by pulling money out of a savings account that deposits are done by automatic deposit from our paycheck. As for depositing checks other than pay checks which are automatically deposited, we have a local small bank savings account. When the balance is up to a certain level – the small bank charges us $10 to ETF it to our credit union. WE’ve gone mostly to paying cash when we shop or eat out. And most of our purchases of any importance are done online. We also enjoy expanded hours Mon. thru Sat. at this small bank.

  33. nrwfos says:

    @nrwfos: Oops, that should have been “EFT” to the credit union.

  34. Skiiz says:

    That’s Fantastic!

    I hate banks, fortunately my current bank doesn’t charge fees for overdraft protection, you simply tie a savings/moneymarket account to your checking, however I have a funny story about their program.

    I went into a branch office and a teller asked me if I ever overdraw my account. I said, “No, I pay pretty close attention to my balance.” The teller then said, “You can get the protection for free, you just have to open a savings account and the bank will transfer money between them in the event that you ever overdaw.” I said, “Sure, why not,” and opened the savings account there.

    A week later I knew I was going to overdraw with a purchase, but I didn’t have cash on hand, so I happily charged my debit card. A few days later I recieved a letter in the mail informing me I’d overdrawm my account and was being charged a 50$ fee. As it turns out I didn’t have to simply open a savings account, I also had to sign a waiver allowing my bank to transfer the funds. It took a phone call to customer serevice to get the situation straightend out, though they apologized for the whole thing, I closed the savings account and went back to watching my balance.

  35. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @humphrmi: The bank can’t file a complaint, as they are not the victim. The person to whom you wrote the check is the victim. I know, I had ACE Hardware file a complaint against me for a $2.47 check I bounced on accident. Not a typo, either: two dollars and forty-seven cents. I told the prosecuting attorney there was no way he could prove I did it intentionally, that I would pay the returned check fee, and to stick it up his ass. Viola! Charges dropped.

  36. DMDDallas says:

    @aaron8301: How ridiculous. It cost ACE hardware and the local prosecutor each individually more than $2.47 to pursue legal action.

  37. Kendra says:

    You still use US Bank?

    US Bank refused to give me my paycheck payment stating that my paycheck had bounced.

    Paychecks don’t bounce!

    After a week of eating ramen donated generously by my roomies and a very scant Christmas where I couldn’t return home to my parents, I finally got my money.

    Then took a week off from work to deliver Christmas presents back home and have a delayed family holiday.

    Why do mashups at the bank always happen at Christmas, at the consumer’s expense?!