Adobe Won't Fix DRM Screw-Up Rendering E-Books Unreadable

If you use Leopard on a Mac and plan on buying e-books, be very careful—according to the various complaints on this thread, Adobe’s Digital Editions still doesn’t work on Leopard, and yet most places selling Digital Editions e-books won’t warn you of this, leaving you with activated books you can’t return but also can’t read.

Adobe has been promising a Leopard-friendly version since at least November 13th of last year, but as of today they’ve still released nothing. In the meantime, students who’ve spent considerable amounts on e-textbooks are out of luck and money.

The forum notes that there are a couple of potential workarounds that have seen some success, but the truly astounding aspect to this is that Adobe hasn’t stepped up to help ensure refunds for those who weren’t told their purchases would be useless—and that e-book sellers aren’t making it clear at check-out that Leopard won’t work.

(Thanks to Tyler!)

“Digital Editions in Mac OS X Leopard” [Adobe Forums]

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