Delta Now Loses Urine Too

Scott writes,

Here’s a unique twist on lost airline luggage:

I’m on travel for work at a nuclear site, waiting to get security clearance to start work. This involves a background check and a drug test for me, which can usually be done in about 8 to 24 hrs.

24 hrs – No word.

48 hrs – No word.

72 hrs – I’m told that Delta Airlines lost a shipment of urine samples, and mine was among them.

(Note, I’m on night shift, so I was woken up at 7am after 2 hrs of sleep and told to come back in to re-test. By the time I arrived at the plant, they had found the samples… Something’s wrong with the notification timeline there…)

These are usually couriered directly from the plant to the lab – so I’m guessing that the courier had to check them since the box of samples was over 3 oz 🙂

Is there anything Delta can’t lose? Other than our undying disrespect…

(Thanks to Scott!)
(Photo: Getty)

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