Delta Now Loses Urine Too

Scott writes,

Here’s a unique twist on lost airline luggage:

I’m on travel for work at a nuclear site, waiting to get security clearance to start work. This involves a background check and a drug test for me, which can usually be done in about 8 to 24 hrs.

24 hrs – No word.

48 hrs – No word.

72 hrs – I’m told that Delta Airlines lost a shipment of urine samples, and mine was among them.

(Note, I’m on night shift, so I was woken up at 7am after 2 hrs of sleep and told to come back in to re-test. By the time I arrived at the plant, they had found the samples… Something’s wrong with the notification timeline there…)

These are usually couriered directly from the plant to the lab – so I’m guessing that the courier had to check them since the box of samples was over 3 oz :)

Is there anything Delta can’t lose? Other than our undying disrespect…

(Thanks to Scott!)
(Photo: Getty)


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  1. MercuryPDX says:

    In a related story: “Not to be outdone by Free Cream Cheese, Delta gives away free trial size Apple Juices aboard one lucky flight”.

  2. Dustbunny says:

    Urine luck, we found your sample :)

  3. bohemian says:

    From the picture I thought someone was transporting urine in their suitcase.

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    Is it bodily fluids day here at consumerist?

  5. Adam Hyland says:

    The courier that is checking items at the airline needs to be fired. You don’t pay for a courier in order to entrust something to baggage handlers.

    You might as well fedex it FFS, at least then you can get insurance.

  6. matto says:

    Love the jpeg.

  7. chrisfromnl says:


  8. clevershark says:

    @bohemian: or ON their suitcase…

  9. rbb says:

    At least it’s not a test you need to study hard for…

  10. chiieddy says:

    Oh look, Joe. A box of apple juice! We should have a picnic!

  11. uricmu says:

    Umm, since when can “bio samples” and “biohazardous materials” can be shipped via regular domestic carrier?

  12. lostsynapse says:

    Maybe they thought it had meth or some other drug that doesn’t break down in the body. Free drugs are free drugs.

  13. CurbRunner says:

    None of these urine samples will qualify for test purposes now because the chain of custody of the samples was broken.

  14. Scuba Steve says:

    @BayStateDarren: Its always bodily fluids day here. Watch your step.

  15. Swifty says:

    Kind of redefines the phrase ‘pissed off’ doesn’t it?

  16. Sidecutter says:

    @uricmu: I’d imagine for a while. It’s nothing to ship them via FedEx either, you just have to meet the packaging and marking requirements.

  17. rbb says:

    @uricmu: All the time as long as they are properly packaged (e.g., sample jar placed in a ziploc bag with an absorbent sheet which is placed in a styrofoam block in a box) and marked.

  18. Youthier says:

    Courier = fired… what was the point if he just checks it?

  19. Framling says:
  20. mikelotus says:

    do they feel secure now at the plant now that they have your urine?

  21. littlealbatross says:

    I had to laugh at this story. I work in one of the bigger medical labs in the country (we compete with the top two in terms of volume) and I get a *daily* report of late and missing shipments. Granted, most of the time they’re found, but a quick peek at my list for today shows a shipment of samples that’s 12 hours late and another that’s 36 hours late. Such is life, I guess.