Save On Medical Expenses With Healthcare Credit Cards

Citibank and Bank of America both offer special credit card programs based on health and medical expenses. If you’re disciplined about not carrying revolving debt, and you have recurring medical expenses, they can help reduce your total cost over a year. Bank of America’s cards are point-based programs—if you’ve got Aetna insurance, you can accumulate points that you can turn into “cash direct deposits to a health savings account, or other standard rewards.” Caremark members can redeem points for awards only, although BoA’s standard awards catalogue “includes health and wellness products like fitness equipment and blood pressure monitors.”

Citibank’s card is open to anyone, and offers prescription discounts through “For a fee of $8.95 a month, you can add on a vision and dental discount program, with discounts of up to 60% on services and eyewear.”

For all three cards, the interest rates are in the 10-11% variable range.

“Credit Cards Offer Discounts on Medical Expenses” [SmartMoney]
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