Uber Teams Up With Capital One For Rewards Program

For the most part Uber and credit cards go hand-in-hand: in order to hail a ride you must be willing to pay for your ride via a debit or credit card stored to your account. So it should come with little shock that the company is now partnering with Capital One on a rewards program for riders.

Uber announced today that it would launch a new feature called Payment Rewards that will see the company team up with credit card issuers to offer frequent riders free trips.

Under the first iteration of the program, Uber has teamed up with Capital One and its Quicksilver brand to provide users with a free trip — valued at $15 — after they pay for nine rides on their own.

The deal applies to rides in which a customer pays with a Capital One Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card through March 2017.

Through the program, users will be able to discover, track, and redeem rewards inside the Uber app, the company says.

uber rewards

Customers can access Payment Rewards from the payment menu by tapping the “unlock ride discounts.”

Once a Quicksilver card is on file, you’ll see a progress bar showing how close you are to earning your next free ride, both when requesting a ride and in the payment menu.

When customers have received a reward they can choose to use it immediately or save it for later.

“We’re always looking for ways to make riding with Uber even more rewarding. Stay tuned for more from Payment Rewards in the future,” the company says.

While rewarding loyal customers with free rides is a nice perk for Capital One card holders, Uber’s statement of “Don’t have a Quicksilver card? Apply now!” in its announcement is a bit worrisome.

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