In MP3 Showdown, Winners Are iPod Touch And Sansa View

Okay, so it’s not like there aren’t 15,000 MP3-player reviews already on the web, but SmartMoney decided to jump on the bandwagon and rate five 8-gigabyte MP3 players. Instead of hard stats and lab tests, they handed the devices to an NYU music instructor and audiophile and asked him to walk around the city playing with them. The Apple iPod Touch—at $300, the most expensive of the lot—came out on top, which probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but the SanDisk Sansa View performed well too.

Microsoft’s Zune actually came in second place, but when you compare price and battery life, the Sansa View is the better value.

  • Apple iPod Touch – great sound and interface
  • Microsoft Zune – great sound, great UI but hypersensitive
  • SanDisk Sansa View – half the price of the Touch, navigation mimics traditional iPods, great sound
  • Creative Zen – large screen but requires too much button mashing
  • Samsung P2 – touchscreen is “finicky”, sound is “flat”

“Closing In on the iPod?” [SmartMoney]
(Photo: Getty)

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