Toy Maker Reluctantly Agrees To Recall Leadly "Jammin Jenna" Dolls

A toy-maker who refused to issue a recall for its lead-tainted toys has reversed its position. TY made some “Jammin Jenna” dolls with that were found to have more lead than 600 parts per million Illinois state limit. In response to recall requests, TY said it didn’t have to because they said federal law supersedes state law. However, the state AG and federal CPSC responded that states are allowed to adopt more restrictive laws in the absence of federal regulation. TY will pull the Jammin Jena dolls and replace their leadly shiny red vinyl shoes with cloth ones.

Ty takes high-lead doll out of stores [Chicago Tribune]
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  1. OmicroN says:

    [grammar police=on] Whoever wrote this article is having a real bad grammar day. Hopefully a corrected version is issued soon. It’s almost painful to read this! [grammar police=off]

  2. snoop-blog says:

    what a super slutty doll…….i want one 5′ tall please!

  3. RandoX says:

    Federal law supersedes? Are they saying that there’s a federal law that allows for a higher amount? I would think that the manufacturer has to meet the most restrictive law for the sales area, be it federal, state, local, etc.

  4. snoop-blog says:

    @RandoX: no they were trying to say that they only have to meet the federal regulation. but they were wrong as the state is allowed to make stricter regulations. however state laws can’t make a federal law more “loose”. ex: CA legallized medical marijuana, but the federal law still says its illegal. which means CA state law cannot protect you from federal punishment.

  5. InspectorxGadget says:

    Even if they had been correct, they’d still be screwed on possible negligence claims because in most jurisdictions mere compliance with a statute does not necessarily fulfill the duty of reasonable care.

  6. snoop-blog says:

    i can’t read the dolls name without thinking, ‘jenna jamison’. anyone else?

  7. snoop-blog says:

    i wonder why illinois law is more strict? do they know something the fed’s don’t, or do the fed’s not give a shit about us? apparently illinois cares more about its children.

  8. lightaugust says:

    @snoop-blog: I don’t think that under the current administration there’s been exactly a rush towards cautiousness when it comes to product safety/ consumer affairs. States with strong Attorneys General (ILL, NY) have just been far more diligent. So, OK, yeah, the feds don’t give a shit about you.

  9. @snoop-blog: Totally. I actually said that to myself as I read the article: “They made a Jenna Jameson doll? No shit!”

  10. shadow735 says:

    Wait, what the hell is ANY LEAD doing in toys that kids will play with and put in their mouths?
    Am I missing something here or are people just friken stupid? ITS CALLED LEAD, it cause brain damage and birth defects. What the hell is is doing in anything, why the hell is there even an acceptable level?

    This is such bullshit, we need our govt to start sucking on these lead toys for a few years maybe they will change thier minds.
    Stupid Wankers I swear…

  11. Look at its EYES. Elvira?