Couple Paints "FU FAA" On Roof To Protest Jet Noise

Fed up with a change in flight patterns that made them sleep in bed at night with earplugs, one Philly couple decided to paint “FUCK YOU FAA. NO FLY ZONE” and a symbol for “no planes” on the top of their roof. Note: in real life, it says “fuck” but the newspaper photoshopped it to just say “FU.” Homeowner Michael Hall said they had tried to lodge complaints with the FAA noise-complaint hotline over 20 times, but whenever they called, an answering machines would apologize for not being able to take their message as the mailbox was full.

“I wanted to have little things that were shooting the plane down, but my girlfriend thought I would get arrested, so I settled for the picture that’s up there,” Hall said. We applaud Mr. Hall’s creative solution to getting his voice heard.

Fed up with jet noise, couple raise the roof [] (Thanks to Rachel!)

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