HD DVD Loyalists Start Petition To Save Their Format Of Choice

James, an HD DVD loyalist, calls to our attention a petition with 24,000-ish signatures asking Warner Bros. to continue to support HD DVD:

You had an article shortly after the WB exclusivity announcement on the 4th of this month, right? Well, I think this could make for a great follow-up that gives your readers the opportunity to voice their opinion, and hopefully sway the minds of the studio executives who’ve acted prematurely and stuffed words in the mouths of consumers everywhere.

You can find the petition here. Keep in mind it has risen from 6,000 signatures to a promising 24,000 in only four days!

Ugh, format wars. They’re so disgusting. We hate them.

Save HD-DVD! (Warner Brothers, The Consumer Has Not “Clearly” Chosen Blu-Ray)
(Photo:William Hook)

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