What Should I Do About A Lost Receipt?

Reader F asks:

I bought a Playstation 3 last November, wooed by the thought of 5 free Blu Ray movies. However, last night when I went to fill out the rebate form, I found my wife had thrown away the sales receipt! Doh! I purchased this from Shop Ko using a credit card, but Shop Ko has told me they cannot look up or reprint my receipt.

Despite having this in my house, along with the Blu Ray remote, I am getting a new entertainment center installed and so my PS3 is brand new, unopened, in box (as is its remote).

I was wondering if you or your readers had suggestions as to what I can do to obtain this rebate. I’ve thought about returning the unopened PS3 to a store for credit and then using the credit for a PS3 to get a receipt, but I wasn’t sure if any of you had a better suggestion.

Yeah, we’ve got nothing. Mail-In rebates are designed to discourage redemption, which is why when we are shopping, we pretend that they don’t exist. Life is too short.

We know that some of you are all about the rebates. Any ideas?


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