Dairy Queen Owner Exclaims "Good God Almighty, Where's My Manager?" After Workers Moon Drive-Thru Window

Hey St. John’s Dairy Queen workers, you forgot to make your Facebook group private. Now your hilarious little videos of each other mooning the drive-thru and waging indoor snowball fights are all over Canadian television. They just don’t understand your jokes about “using meat the next day that wasn’t kept overnight in the cooler.” Neither do the health inspectors.

CBC News extracted this precious gem from the government department that inspects restaurants: “They say employees should not drop their pants behind the counter.”

After reviewing the video, franchise owner Albert Buott exclaimed: “Good God almighty! Where’s my managers? Who’s allowing this to happen?” before confusedly adding: “Who’s there? Where am I?”

Dairy Queen workers’ hijinks on web shock owner [CBC News via BarfBlog]

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