Taco Bell "Fresco" Bowl: 13g Of Fat or 8g? 350 Calories or 430?

Reader Todd finds Taco Bell’s new “Fresco Style” menu confusing. On the menu the “Fresco” Zesty Chicken Border Bowl is listed at 8g of fat and 350 calories. If you enter the menu item into the nutrition information calculator on Taco Bell’s website, the same item is 13g of fat and 430 calories. What gives? Why is this so confusing, Taco Bell?

I ordered the Zesty Chicken Border Bowl Fresco style without dressing. On the menu at the store, it reads under 9 grams of fat but on online, it reads 13 grams of fat. Please compare your special nutrition page for Fresco menu items to the Nutrition Calculator on the Taco Bell site. I made sure that I chose “Fresco Style” on the calculator and to be advertising something as under 9 grams of fat, but really having 13 is very misleading and wrong.


Really, what’s 4 grams of fat? But my point is that if you go the extra mile to order something that has under 9 grams of fat, then it should really come out that way.

I’ve attached a screen capture of the Taco Bell webpage where I compared the two items. Clearly have different amounts of fat.

UPDATE: Rob, the Director of Public Relations for Taco Bell, writes in to let us know that the nutritional information on the “Fresco Menu” is correct.

The nutritional information calculator on Taco Bell’s website “inadvertently includes red strips” when it calculates the info for the Fresco Zesty Chicken Border Bowl. The actual bowl contains 8g of fat and 350 calories, as advertised. Rob says: “Appreciate you bringing this to our attention as we are currently working to fix it.”

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